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Accepting and joining in a dream position of a certain company may be the ambition to all applicants, for the new freshers even for the old one. When you have a plan to get a new job or switch your job, a job application is always needed. This documents actually can lead you to achieve a higher step toward your dreams. Better application letter will bring you a greater interview call.

As we know, a job application letter is actually a way to propose your resume to take a certain position. It proportionally comes before the CV. Regarding this issue, it would be better to consider that our job application letter is attractive to get the recruiter’s attraction in convincing your skill, majority, and suitability.

A simple job application letter at least, including these three parts. First, an introduction which highlights why the applicants write the letter. The second is the body of the letter, this is the part to convey your majority, and suitability in filling the position, and the last is the closing. In this section, the writer tells more relatable skills and puts the contact person also the follows up the application.

Additionally,  this article will give you some tips for making your job application letter brilliant.

  • Focus on the objectives; think and reread your application letter, is it clear and simple? This point leads you to create a simple but clear letter. You may re-check the components like job position, company name, including the source of job offered. Although, you may clearly state your description but try to stay focus and go right on the target.
  • Clearly, differentiate from the resume. Resume and job application, however, are the two different things. The language used in a job application is more personal rather than in resume. So make it clear, the differentiation between a resume and job application letter.
  • Good casing, good admission. Here you may put your best qualification to take the position, and get positive feedback from the recruiter. Give your previous experiences may also be the better strategies to strengthen your position in this job. Besides, you need to show your qualification and your backgrounds details.
  • Close by stating important details. At last, don’t forget to conclude the letter with a detail information, say thanks,  and put personal contact for an employer to follow up the application.

Finally, regarding the importance of the job application letter, it is essential for you to propose your qualification as good as possible, elaborate your skill and knowledge in taking the position offered.


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