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As a job seeker, especially for the new job seekers, we sometimes need to apply to a certain company or business. We cannot deny, for a new job seeker, that find a suitable work is a complicating stuff. When we are applying exactly, we need to prepare some documents such as CV, cover letter, resume, and others. We have to get ready to combat over the million job seekers.

So, how about the new job seeker trick to win the admission? This article will especially talk about the writing of resume for the first job. The description below will lead your anxiety of writing your resume. If you are finding the stuff so, please keep scrolling.

Here are several tips for writing your resume for the first job.

  1. Proposing an objective statement. It required to clearly state your objective statement, the focus on what can you offer to the employer. This will give a special impression towards the employer to keep reading your resume.
  2. Deciding the resume format. It is a need for you to get through the types of resume format. Any format certainly has the basic features and functionality.
  3. Listing the skill and achievements precisely. This will really a great help for anyone who did not gain any professional experiences. By listing your qualification briefly is potentially increasing y
  4. Maximizing for extracurricular activities. As the point before, it is also particularly will help a lot especially for the applicant of the first job without any experiences. Including your volunteer work and the internship is the great step.
  5. Adding a cover letter. Although in some cases, it is not required to add a cover letter. But, it is quite good to put a cover letter, covering the reasons why you are qualified for.
  6. Reviewing and revising.

Never skip this step. Review and revise your resume to avoid any typos. Make sure to edit several times before submitting it. It also includes any adjustments on each job we applied for.

Lastly, there is no perfect secret of writing the impeccable resume, however, any positive suggestion is obtained in order to create the best resume. The best resume, however, will add the greater chance to interview call. Get ready and keep update the resume even when you are already employed.

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